PythonScript 0.7.3

Python in the browser by Python

Kesaco ?

A Python to Javascript translator written in Python. PythonScript is a subset of Python. It's compiled to plain old Javascript.

Getting started

  1. pip install pythonscripttranslator
  2. wget -O pythonscript.js
  3. echo 'print "Héllo World"' >
  4. pythonscript < >
  5. source pythonscript.js and the generated from an html page as you would do with classic javascript


Great Not perfect but it might be enough

  • Class and multiple inheritance are supported with a custom method resolution order
  • Functions and methods
  • data descriptors and metaclass...
  • for/while/try/except/raise/list/dict/str...
  • *args and **kwargs are supported
  • It has less bugs than before!


  • There is no stdlib minimal builtin types and jquery bindings and weblib in development
  • Type system is not fully compatible with Python no super, no proper mro, no __getattribute__ hook
  • No source map


  • It is (a subset of) Python
  • It is easy to create bindings using JS function

You can write Python code for the web

Wanna help ?

You can try one of the following, the order is not significant:

  • Create something with it
  • Port to PythonScript a jQuery or AngularJS plugin
  • Build a framework
  • Build an application
  • Integrate PythonScript with your favorite backend frawework
  • Found a bug fill an issue (with a minimal file to reproduce the bug)


The forge can can be found on github

You can also reach me with twitter

Or by mail


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